About Us

Our objective at Home Town Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is to become a reliable property solution provider for the ever growing demand for real estate in Sri Lanka by offering the best properties with pleasing surroundings.

Mr.Priyantha Dassanayake, the Chief Executive 0fficer (CEO) of the company is a Registered Licensed Surveyor by profession who has been involved in more than one hundred Land Sales projects in Sri Lanka over the past twenty years. On top of experience, our highly personalized approach in dealing with projects and quick problem solving capabilities have been our key to success over the past 10 years.

We intend to provide you the life style you’ve always dreamt of.

Come! Handover your real estate problems to us!

Our Vision

To Uplift the Quality of the Community with Proper Residential Solutions.

Our Mission

To Provide Our Customers with the Best Suitable Living Areas with the Best Infrastructure.